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Library Programs

Find out about the Middle School Book Club and the Yearbook Crew on our Clubs and Groups page

Whooo's Reading Readathon

We tried something new this year – a readathon with Whooo’s Reading.

Students from Grades 1-6 participated from April 3-30 to raise money for elementary field trips.

Thank you so much for your support!

How did it go? Read about it here: Whooo’s Reading Exceeds Expectations.

Monthly Library Awards

The Library Award is given to the elementary class with the best record for returning their library books on time during the previous month. We believe that a seemingly small thing like taking care of and returning library books on time, demonstrates organization skills and responsibility that will serve students all through their school careers and onward in life. The Library Award is part of our Responsible Reader Program.

Responsible Reader Program

We believe that a seemingly small thing like taking care of and returning library books on time demonstrates organization skills and responsibility that will serve students all through their school careers and onward in life.

Elementary students who have returned all their books on time during the previous month receive a stamp on the back of their library card. After 3 stamps, a prize is awarded and once each year the student’s borrowing limit is raised. After 6 stamps there is another small prize. At the end of the year, if the student has achieved the commendable feat of returning all of their library books on time during the year, they are awarded a certificate and a prize engraved with “Swan Hills School Responsible Reader”.

Share the Gift of Story

Every December, the library invites members of the community to share seasonal stories with our students. Everybody has a good time as ‘regular people’ read to, or tell stories to classes in the library. If you like to read or are a story-teller, contact Mrs. Kilpatrick to volunteer for this event by November 15.

Scholastic Book Fair

We host a Scholastic Book Fair every year during the March parent/teacher conferences. Half of the profits benefit the library! With the support of the community, we raise money for the library and add to the collection. The best part, though, is the enthusiasm with which our students anticipate and enjoy the Fair. Click here for the results of the 2018 Book Fair.

The Book Fair is truly a team effort. Many parents and other community members, as well as staff and students, help to make it happen. If you’re interested in volunteering, please see Mrs. Kilpatrick.

Poetry Month

April is Poetry Month. The magnetic poetry comes out so all ages can express themselves. In Library Classes we explore all the different ways that poets play with words and in some classes, we hold poetry slams.


Public Library Tours

Every June, Grades 1-9 visit the Public Library to encourage their participation in their services and programs, especially the Summer Reading Program, over the summer break.

School - Public Library Partnership

A major goal of any school is to see their students grow into life-long learners. One step along the way is to ensure that they are familiar and comfortable with using public libraries. Towards this aim, we make sure that our students, from Kindergarten to Grade 9, visit our local public library at least once a year, in June, to encourage them to use their services over the summer and then on through life.

Public Library Director Nancy Keough with the Christmas Gift her assistant, Deisha Gaudet made for the school library.

We have also partnered with the Library Board and Grizzly Clubs in our Public Library Membership Project, which allows all staff and students free access to resources and services provided exclusively through the public library system, like free eBooks, various media and learning/tutorial platforms.

Through our partnership, we hope to develop in our students, the habits of using public libraries throughout life for their pleasure reading and lifelong learning.

Both institutions are tremendously grateful to local businesses for their sponsorship of this program. This years’ memberships are sponsored by the following businesses:

  • Norstar Glass
  • Froggy’s Environmental Services
  • Meekwap Automotive
  • Kelly Lappin Trenching
  • Marriott B. Contracting
  • Super A. Foods
  • Parker’s Transport
  • Guye’s Backhoe Services
  • Wurm’s Welding
  • Reeve’s Trucking