Creativity Shone at Halloween Parade

It’s always great to see the students having fun together, and there is always lots of opportunity for fun at Halloween. In the morning the Division One students made caramel apples, while Junior High carved their own pumpkins. Captain Sekulich inspected his ship during the lunch break and posed for a picture with the disguised Bookaroolings Book Club.

After lunch, with costumes donned, Junior High Students lined the hallway outside the library to enjoy the Division One and Two Halloween Parade led by Princess Christensen and her tambourine. Sherlock Witwer watched for evidence of misbehaviour along the route.

Elementary enjoyed parties at the end of the day with lots of food and loud music. What could be more fun? We were impressed with the effort and creativity that so many students in all divisions put into their costumes.

Posted on: October 31st, 2017