First Challenges for Junior Volleyball Team

Congratulations to the junior volleyball teams who played doubleheaders Tuesday evening against Barrhead and Neerlandia at Neerlandia School.

The boys played very competitive games and, although closely matched against the Barrhead team, lost their games by a few points. Wary of the Neerlandia team, which had beaten the Barrhead team earlier that evening, our boys kept both sets tight. They were 1 point away from winning the 2nd set but lost following some very intense play. With this experience and the knowledge they can compete and eventually beat this team, our boys should be much more confident in their next match.

The girls hit the court with intensity against Barrhead right off the bat.  They were very nervous but had their game faces on.  It was a close game and either team could have taken the win, but in the end, Barrhead landed the win.  Next up was Neerlandia.  The first set was close and we kept them on their toes.  The second set, unfortunately, was dominated by Neerlandia. The girls worked hard and never gave up.

For the first games of the season, both teams showed a lot of drive and potential, and demonstrated that they will undoubtedly see some success this season. The games were so action-packed that no-one thought to take pictures, so accompanying this article is a shot of the girls honing their skills in preparation for their next games, which will be against Pembina North Community School at Dapp on October 8th.

Posted on: September 26th, 2019