Let’s See Whooo’s Reading

A bulletin board in the hallway is generating some excitement from Grade 1 – 6 students who are looking forward to our third annual Whooo’s Reading Read-A-Thon. This program is a fun way to encourage daily reading and to raise money for elementary field trips. Students enjoy the online experience of outfitting their personal reading avatar (‘Owlvatar’), challenging themselves and each other to rise through the levels, and ‘chatting’ online with classmates and extended family.

During the month of February, students have the opportunity to log all of their reading online. That includes any reading they do in school and out. Parents can reach out to family and friends through email and social media to sponsor their readers in the program.

Students enjoy earning “coins” and leveling up online. They choose an “Owlvatar” and use the coins they earn to dress them up. After logging 30 minutes, they choose a paper owl to dress up and display on the Whooo’s Reading wall at school. They can also participate in safe, private, online discussions with each other, their family and sponsors, and their teachers about the books they’re reading, 

Our reading goal for 2020 is 20,000 minutes. Our fundraising goal is $2,000. Eighty percent of all money raised will go to elementary field trips, with each Division’s fundraising going towards their own field trips. Students will bring information packages home in the last week of January to prepare them to jump right in and record their reading on February 1st. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Kilpatrick at the school.

Important: Please note that Whooo’s Reading is an American program and all donations are in U.S. dollars. Also, the program recommends using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari for the best experience.

Let’s see Whooo’s Reading!

Posted on: January 16th, 2020