Sharing the Gift of Story

Each December, volunteers from the school and community take time out of their busy lives to read Christmas stories to library classes. Some bring in personal favourites from home and some choose a book from the library’s collection. This year, we would like to thank Irene Crozier, Susan Fenez, Deshia Gaudet, Nancy Keough, Aaron Kilpatrick, and Lindsey Kilpatrick, for showing our students that grown-ups love stories too, and they enjoy sharing them.

A special thanks goes to Barb Greenhow, who helps to recruit volunteers each year. “I love doing it”, Barb remarked, “but you should do this more often as there are more volunteers than library classes!”. Perhaps we will have to do this more often than at Christmas because several people have expressed disappointment at not being able to participate. If you are interested in reading to library classes, please contact Mrs. Kilpatrick in the library. Perhaps we will designate other weeks to do this.

Check out the “Sharing the Gift of Story” slideshow in the Photo Gallery for pictures and a list of the shared books.

Posted on: December 8th, 2017