Soccer First Sport in Division 2 League

Just before the snow flew, participating boys and girls in Grades 4 through 6 enjoyed a trip to Fort Assiniboine on October 3rd for a soccer game, and then to Busby on the 5th for a full-day divisional tournament.

Our school is involved in the PHPS Division 2 Sports League for the first time this year, through the efforts of interested teachers, Miss Davies, Mrs. Fife, and SHS Sports Coordinator, Mr. Linger. The league will be playing volleyball games in November and basketball in February. We will also host Fort Assiniboine School at a track meet here at Swan Hills School in June.

The students are thrilled to be involved in the league. They enjoy traveling to other schools and meeting new people. The two soccer field trips were an all-around positive experience for the students; some returned with a sense of accomplishment through successful kicks and saves, and some just enjoyed the active (some called it intense) game. Most are looking forward to participating in the upcoming volleyball and basketball games.

Posted on: October 19th, 2017