Students Elected to Represent their Classmates

On Wednesday, September 12, elections were held for the Swan Hills Div. 3/4 Students’ Union.  Room Representatives were selected the following morning.  Most of the races were extremely close, and it was wonderful to see so many interested students!!  The first executive meeting was held on Tuesday, September 18 at noon in Mrs. Hooey’s Room (202).  Mrs. King and Mrs. Hooey will serve as the Div. 3/4 Students’ Union Advisors this year.  If students or parents have any ideas for the school staff and administration to consider this year, please contact one of the following executive members:


  • President: Kyra
  • Sr. High Vice-President: Keaten
  • Jr. High Vice-President: Nicholas
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Paige
  • Sr. High Social Convenor: Martina
  • Jr. High Social Convenor: Susannah
  • Boys’ Sports Representative: Josh
  • Girls’ Sports Representative: Breanna
  • Spirit Advisors: Andre & Jacob

Room Representatives

  • Grade 12: Michael & Natalie 
  • Grade 11: Avery 
  • Grade 10: Jessie & Cassadi 
  • Grade 9: Evan & Blaize
  • Grade 8: Aden & Aubrey
  • Grade 7: Madison & Chase

Have a great year!!   “Together We Can, Together We Will”

Posted on: September 20th, 2018