Students Learn About Logging Industry at Huestis

In Grade 6, students visit the Huestis Demonstration Forest north of Whitecourt to learn about trees. The Grades 7 & 8 classes visited this year for a forestry harvest demonstration. The process was explained and they observed the equipment at work. Afterwards, the equipment operators answered questions from the students and allowed the students to board the machinery. This field trip presents career possibilities in the forest industry and gives the students an awareness of how forestry is a renewable resource, a topic in their Social Studies curriculum.

The students were very impressed with the size of the machinery. One student said she could fit right inside the wheel of one of the machines. After the demonstration, the students went for lunch and a swim in Whitecourt before heading home.

Student, Blaize L. shared some great photos with us…

Posted on: October 12th, 2017