Students Learn About Motor Vehicle Collisions

On Wednesday, May 16, our grades 9 and 10 students took part in an Injury Prevention program planned by our local community health nurse, Diana DeGroot.  Students were given valuable information regarding the dangers of drinking, using drugs, and texting while driving. Students had fun moving through an obstacle course while wearing the impaired goggles, but also realized how difficult it was to stay on course even when just texting without the goggles.  Guest speaker, Kendall Taylor from Addictions and Mental Health, shared some personal stories with the students to hit home about personal choices they might make while driving. His message was simple: “What will it take for you to make good choices while behind the wheel?”

Students then made their way outside where Chief Kilpatrick from the Fire Department and Sergeant Purcka from the RCMP talked about what happens at a motor vehicle collision site.  The Fire Department, including some of our students who are Junior Firefighters, did a mock demonstration of a human extraction from a vehicle using the Jaws of Life and other tools at their disposal.  With the rain coming down, students finished the day back inside with personal stories and pictures of vehicles in accident scenes to show how easy it can be to be involved in a collision due to distracted driving, sometimes even with perfect driving conditions and no impairment.

Thanks to all who were involved in planning and participating in the day.  It was well-received by our students and they learned a lot.

Click here to see a slideshow of images from the Vehicle Extrication Demonstration.

Posted on: May 22nd, 2018