Swan Hills School Implements 5-Star Athlete Program

Many of us know the added struggles of being a student athlete: missed instructional time from teachers, loss of class time to complete assignments, longer days attending practice after school, and getting home past bedtime only to get up early to go to school.

Many of the students, despite the additional time taken for sports, keep up with their studies and maintain a high academic standing. We would like to recognize the student athletes of Swan Hills School who have been our representatives and ambassadors this season.

For every sport that a student participates in, they are awarded an “athletic star” with the maximum of being a “5 Star Athlete.” What does it mean to be a 5 Star Athlete? It means these students have spent the entire year participating on school teams with only a 1 week break in between sports. They have continually sacrificed their personal time to make the Swan Hills School Athletics programs successful.

The five main sports of Interscholastic competition are: volleyball, played from September 1st to November 7th; basketball, November 14th to February 28th; curling, March 1st to March 24th; badminton, April 1st to April 26th, and track and field, which is coming up beginning May 7th through May 24th. Swan Hills School Star Athletes so far this Year are:

“2 Star Athletes”

  • Bobbie Stafford – (Volleyball/Basketball)
  • Emma Kilpatrick – (Volleyball/Badminton)
  • Susannah Purcka – (Volleyball/Badminton)
  • Noah Marsh – (Volleyball/Basketball)
  • Tayven Hamel – (Volleyball/Basketball)
  • Aden Keough – (Volleyball/Curling)
  • Tyson Rau – (Basketball/Badminton)
  • Phillip Callihoo – (Curling/Badminton)
  • Emma Xu – (Basketball/Curling)
  • Aidan Oldfield – (Volleyball/Basketball)
  • Michael Payne – (Basketball/Curling)
  • Evan Budney – (Volleyball/Curling)
  • Allan Lindberg – (Volleyball/Basketball)
  • Paige Villard – (Volleyball/Badminton)
  • Thyrd Quioyo – (Volleyball/Basketball)

“3 Star Athletes”

  • Natalie Ruecker – (Volleyball/Basketball/Curling)
  • Ella Xu – (Volleyball/Basketball/Curling)
  • Jenna Gardiner – (Volleyball/Basketball/Badminton)
  • Keri Gardiner – (Volleyball/Basketball/Badminton)
  • Aiden Wells – (Volleyball/Basketball/Badminton)
  • Brodie Hooey – (Volleyball/Basketball/Curling)

“4 Star Athletes” (All Sports – so far)

  • Josh Davies
  • Rachel Ruecker
  • Jaysen Hamel
  • Eric McLean
  • Nick Baker
  • Daniel Lee
  • Aubrey Zlatnik
  • DJ Humber
  • Blaize Lappin


Posted on: May 7th, 2019