Swan Hills Welcomes New Trustee

After seven years of dedicated and productive service as School Board Representative for Swan Hills, Sheri Watson recently resigned, leaving the position open. We are pleased to welcome Nancy Keough, who has been acclaimed as our new trustee. She will be sworn in at the October 25th meeting of the PHPS Board at the regional office in Barrhead.

Nancy is the past-president of our School Council and the manager of the Swan Hills Municipal Library. She has two children enrolled in our school and another who graduated this past June. With over 20 years experience in business administration and management, combined with her strong desire to support our school, Nancy feels ready to represent us at the board level. “I believe in our school, and I am passionate about its success and the quality of education available to our community”, Nancy says, “I want to be a strong, reasonable voice for our students and our community, including all the students and communities in the Pembina Hills region.

“Swan Hills school has engaged staff and students. There is a great feeling when you walk in those doors. Swan Hills school may face many challenges, but [the school’s motto] ‘Together we can; Together we will’, rings true. I have worked for large and small organizations. Sometimes when you’re smaller you have limited resources, but you also have passion and perseverance built up from finding a way to make it work. This school, students and staff, have great character built on a foundation of making it work the best way possible. As a community, we need to support our school in any way we can.Please reach out to me with your comments, concerns, and good news stories so that I can share them, as your trustee”

Posted on: October 19th, 2017