The library is open…sort of

K-6 library classes have resumed, with students seated on chairs, distanced, rather than on the soft carpet, which has been removed. Students from grade four and up must keep their masks on while in the library to avoid cross-contamination between cohorts. There is no reading on cushions or even browsing the shelves. 

A few students at a time can choose from a display of books preselected for each class, after which they return to their chairs to read or watch a story video until all the class members have all had their turns. Books are returned to their classroom box and quarantined after their teacher returns them to the library.

Since browsing isn’t possible, students from grades four and up have been or will soon be shown how to log in to the library online, where they’ll be able to view their own account, see what they have checked out, browse the collection, and reserve books. Available reserved books will be given to the student at their library class, or, for grades 10 to 12 who don’t have library classes, to their English teacher to pass on.

Instructions for accessing the library online have been added to the school website on the library page. From there, students can view an instructional slideshow. There are also PDF versions of the instructions to download.

It’s very different but so far our students have been cooperative and understanding and we’ve managed to have fun with it. Once it all becomes routine, we hope to be able to fit in a read-aloud or two

Posted on: September 28th, 2020