Welcome to June

Dear parents and students of Swan Hills School,

Swan Hills School staff want to thank everyone who has been working with their teachers as students have been learning at home over the past 2 months. We know this situation is far from ideal and no one has been fully equipped to deal with the demands of student support at home along with regular everyday responsibilities. Teachers have tried very hard to find an appropriate balance between ensuring curriculum outcomes can be taught and with providing too much or too little instruction and assignments. We know each student has certain strengths and may grasp their learning at a different pace.

This has been a long run and the spring weather has been getting nicer. We know everyone wants to be outside as much as possible, and we know parents have an increasingly large load. School work, for students, and facilitating their children’s learning at home, for parents, is not easy in the current situation. Teachers are trying hard to do the best they can for all of their students, and we recognize the strain that everyone is under.

Please contact your child’s teacher if and when lessons and expectations seem overwhelming. Teachers need to know when the workload is too heavy, and they can make changes and alter expectations. Your teachers want to help, and they need to know how best they can do this. Everyone is working and trying hard to do their best, and communication is important in finding the better solutions to the problems. Please let us know what we can do to help; if we don’t know, we can’t address the problems.

Swan Hills School will conclude classes on Friday, June 19th; all assignments should be submitted no later than this date. Jr. and Sr. High courses may include a final open-book exam/project/assignment that will be due no later than June 23rd; teachers will provide specifics for their courses. Students and parents will be advised as to the schedule for returning borrowed devices and any outstanding textbooks; returns will be scheduled for dates and times during the week of June 22 – 26.

Swan Hills School staff look forward to teaching their students over the last few weeks of the school year, and we want everyone to know we are thinking of you and miss having our students here with us.

Posted on: June 1st, 2020