Wellness Days Focus on Resilience

On Wednesday, May 8, and Thursday, May 9, students of all ages participated in the annual P.A.W.S. Wellness Days.  The focus of this year’s event was building resilience, the ability your body and brain have to bounce back when challenges are encountered.

Our Grade 1-4 students enjoyed a brief presentation from Health Promotions speaker Lauren Chow, all about how resilience looks and feels in their bodies. This was followed by a healthy snack break.  The remainder of the afternoon was spent getting active while participating in a series of games that focused on cooperation, teamwork, problem-solving, and strategic thinking – all skills that support the development of resilience.

Our Grade 5-12 students participated in a morning-long Resiliency Workshop.  WRAP (Wellness, Resiliency, and Partnerships) Coach Vernice Aitken led the discussion and activities.  Students built new skills, increased self-awareness, and created new connections with peers at this well-received event.

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Posted on: May 15th, 2018