Vision & Values

Our Motto

Ask any student and they can tell you without hesitation what our school motto is: “Together We Can; Together We Will!”
Developed in 2012, this motto has really come to life in our school and with our parents and community partners.

Our Mission

Together, we will provide a diverse education to attain academic achievement, develop strong work ethic, and foster compassion.”

Our Philosophy

The school’s motto, “Together We Can; Together We Will” speaks to the program model that is in place at the school. We have committed ourselves to work as a team of staff, students and parents to provide the best opportunities for our students and children. We ensure a high standard of personalized instruction for all children. Swan Hills School provides excellent programs for students by providing differentiated instruction with a focus on the students’ learning styles and abilities. The school has established an instructional support team of special education teachers, special needs aides, counselors and an administration team that works closely with the parents, students, community and outside agencies so that all the needs of the students are met.

Our Expectations

1. We will treat ourselves and each other with caring and respect.
2. We will respect the safety of others and ourselves.
3. We will respect the property of others and ourselves.
4. We will be on time, will be prepared and will give our best effort in all we do.