Activities & Clubs

Athletics - Grades 4-12

Involvement is offered in Division 2, Junior and Senior leagues and meets for Track, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer and Badminton.

Athletic Director: Mr. Linger

Students' Unions - Grades 4-12

Division Two (Grades 4-6) and Junior/Senior (Grades 7-9) Students’ Unions plan special events and dress-up days throughout the year. The last day, every other week, is “Hat Day” when students pay a loonie for the privilege of wearing a hat throughout the school day. The Students’ Unions alternate to collect the money, which is then put towards a project or projects decided upon by each group.

Division 2 Students’ Union

Advisor: Miss Davies

  • Amton (Gr. 6) – Prime Minister
  • Tyren (Gr. 5) – Deputy Prime Minister
  • Jackson (Gr. 4) – Secretary
  • Jordyn (Gr. 5) – Minister of School Spirit
  • Bethany (Gr. 5) – Minister of Environment
  • Kasen (Gr. 6) – Minister of Finance
  • Hanna (Gr. 5) – Minister of Student Affairs
  • Hudson (Gr. 4) – Grade 4 Premier
  • Owen (Gr. 5) – Grade 5 Premier
  • Robert Gr. 6) and Lucas (Gr. 6) – Grade 6 Premier

Jr/Sr Students’ Union

Advisor: Mrs. Hooey


  • President: Kyra
  • Sr. High Vice-President: Keaten
  • Jr. High Vice-President: Nicholas
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Paige
  • Sr. High Social Convenor: Martina
  • Jr. High Social Convenor: Susannah
  • Boys’ Sports Representative: Josh
  • Girls’ Sports Representative: Breanna
  • Spirit Advisors: Andre & Jacob

Room Reps

  • Grade 12: Michael & Natalie
  • Grade 11:
  • Grade 10: Jessie & Cassadi
  • Grade 9: EvanBlaize, Alan
  • Grade 8: Aden & Aubrey
  • Grade 7: Madison & Chase
Grad Committee - Class of 2019

Graduation Cap

Advisors: Mrs. Gardiner, Mrs. Crozier

  • President & Fundraising – Michael
  • Vice President – Breanna
  • Decorating – Chelsea
Handbells - Grades 4-12

Practices for the Handbells choirs are on Mondays for the Senior Choir and Tuesday for the Juniors.

Director: Mrs. Kuyek

P.A.W.S. Councils - Grades 7-12

Junior Councils

The P.A.W.S. Junior (Grades 7 & 8) Girls’ & Boys’ Councils meet at lunch hour once per month. Lunch is provided.

  • Junior Girls: Being a Girl (discussion of issues pertinent to girls in this age group and building resiliency skills to cope) Mentors: TBA
  • Junior Boys: Standing Together (addressing common interpersonal challenges for boys in this age group by employing engaging activities and promotes fairness and teamwork) Mentor: TBA

Senior Councils

The P.A.W.S. Senior (Grades 9-12) Girls’ & Boys’ Councils meet at lunch hour once per month. Lunch is provided.

  • Senior Girls: Relationships with Peers (building more effective and meaningful relationships) Mentors: TBA
  • Senior Boys: Part 2 of Journey of the Great Warrior (building competencies in a variety of areas and creating a sense of empowerment to contribute to a healthy, active lifestyle) Mentors: TBA
Middle School Book Club - Grades 6-8

Students excited about what he's readingThe Middle School Book Club is open to students in Grades 6 – 8 and meets at lunchtime on Tuesdays to read and do crafts related to the books we’re reading.

Supervisor: Mrs. Kilpatrick

Safety Patrol - Grades 5 & 6

The Safety Patrol controls the 2 sidewalks in front of the school before and after school

Stop sign

Supervisor: Mrs. Kuyek

Safety Patrol Schedule

A.M. Shift: 8:20-8:35 a.m. Please be at school by 8:15 a.m.
P.M. Shift: 3:30-3:45. Please leave your class by 3:35 p.m.

Safety Patrol Responsibilities

  • Show up for your shift on time.
  • You MUST have your vest on, your stop sign and a timepiece (watch or cellphone)
    If you cannot make your shift, please inform another patroller not on the schedule to fill
    in for you. If you cannot make it, inform your partner there will be no patrolling duty for
    that shift.
  • Any misbehaviours, illegally parked vehicles, or any other incidents, should be reported to
    Mrs. Kuyek, Mrs. Hetherington, or Mrs. Smart. Have a note pad and a pen or pencil with
    you so you can write things down.
  • Call LAST CROSSING 2 minute before the end of your shift.
Yearbook Crew - High School

Group working around computerThe Yearbook Crew is made up of high school students who meet every Thursday at lunch in the Library. Together, they design, digitally build, and solicit sponsorship for the yearbook, as well as taking pictures of school activities to fill it with.

Advisor: Mrs. Kilpatrick

P.A.W.S. Noon-hour Activities - Grades 1-6

Starting October 15, 2018
All programs are Drop-In unless otherwise stated.

Director: Mrs. McLeod

  • Mondays – Division 2 Games
  • Wednesdays – Division 1 Games
  • Thursdays – Division 2 Games
P.A.W.S. After School Activities - Grades 1-6

Starting October 15, 2018
All programs are Drop-In unless otherwise stated.

Director: Mrs. McLeod

  1. Mondays – Division 2 Yoga
  2. Tuesdays – Division 1 Healthy Baking (Registration required)
  3. Wednesdays – Division 2 Arts and Crafts
  4. Thursdays – Divison 1 Arts & Crafts
P.A.W.S. Leadership Group
Lunch Buddies - Gr. 5-7

Lunch Buddies take turns supervising Division 1 classrooms while the children eat their lunch.

Lunch Room Helpers - Gr. 7-12

Lunch Room Helpers volunteer their time to help serve lunch for one week in three.