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Div. 1 Teacher’s Pet In-School Field Trips

Wednesday Jun 06

Website: Teacher’s Pet In-School Field Trips

Grade Time Interactive Presentation Description
K 9:30-11:00am I Am Unique Students are guided through a self- discovery of their gifts, interests and talents. They become authors and artists as they explore how special they are!
1 12:45-2:45pm Building Things Students will participate in interactive stations while learning key components of building. They will explore a variety of materials to construct a zoo.
2 9:30-11:30am Bugs :Small Crawling and Flying Animals Students will become a Bug Detective while participating in interactive stations using real bug specimens.
3 12:45-2:45pm Lifecycles Student will explore some of the different animals in our world and see first hand the process of growth and change.


Wednesday Jun 06