Miss Witwer

I am very excited to be teaching grade 3 again this year!  I am now back to teaching full days as my daughter is starting grade 1. Who knew that time would fly by so fast??? I am looking forward to the new adventures and learning I will have this year with my students!

10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

1. I have taught in Swan Hills School for 18 years……this is my 19th year…….and yes I am teaching students who have a mom or dad that I had taught as well 😉

2. I grew up in Swan Hills. I attended Swan Hills School in Kindergarten and all the way through to grade 9 (there was no high school in Swan Hills for me to attend at the time). There is evidence of my 80’s big hair in a picture that hangs our school hallway.

3. My first teaching job was in Wabasca, Alberta.

4. My favorite winter activities are playing in the snow with my daughter, skiing and going on a vacation somewhere hot 🙂

5. My parents and my brother (with his family) live in Swan Hills.

6. My favorite summer activities are camping, spending time with friends, being on the lake and water skiing.

7. I like to be organized……maybe a little too much.

8. My favorite food is salad and I usually need a drink of Coca-Cola to make it through my day 😉

9. I have taught a variety of grades that range from grade 3-9.

10. I love to teach, work and learn with students!!